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The Photography Journey of

Kristen Kabrin

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Capturing the beauty of nature, one frame at a time.

Welcome to my world, where the art of photography meets the pursuit of simplicity. I'm Kristen Kabrin, a nature enthusiast and a devoted photographer who finds solace and joy in capturing the beauty of the world around me. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Northern Nevada, I embarked on a journey through life's lens that has led me to moments of pure connection with nature and the serene simplicity it offers.

Artist Bio

Kristen's journey from the rolling plains of Rural Montana to the vibrant artistic communities of Scottsdale, Arizona, is a testament to the power of curiosity and an insatiable love for nature. Born just outside the city limits of Great Falls, MT, in the shadow of Malmstrom Air Force Base where her father served in the Air Force, Kristen's childhood was a kaleidoscope of cultural experiences. As a military brat, she traversed the landscapes of Montana, Indiana, Germany, Idaho, Michigan, and Arizona before finally setting roots in Nevada. Her upbringing was enriched by two parents deeply passionate about history, culture, and travel, providing her with a diverse tapestry of experiences and an insatiable curiosity about the world.

Despite a formal education that led her to earn a bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Nevada Reno and a subsequent 25-year career in the same institution's Political Science Department, Kristen's heart always beat for photography. Inspired by the vibrant visuals of National Geographic, a magazine her family subscribed to religiously, and the art of her grandfather, a portrait photographer, Kristen developed an early fascination for capturing the world through the lens.

Her creative awakening occurred in 2013 when her mother and brother gifted her a camera. Joining a local photography club, she quickly fell in love with the craft, discovering a community of like-minded individuals who not only shared her passion but also enriched her knowledge. Kristen's artistic training was a blend of trial, error, and relentless learning—scouring YouTube, photographer websites, podcasts, and social media. This thirst for knowledge continues to be a cornerstone of her technique, as she evolves with both the changing technology and her own artistic vision.

Kristen's art carries the spirit of her adventurous upbringing and the serenity of nature’s untouched beauty. Her work seeks to zoom in on the often-overlooked details within grand landscapes, highlighting the delicate intricacies that might otherwise escape notice. Her creative process is fluid and adaptive, whether she carefully plans her shots in familiar settings or lets her mind wander in new and unexpected places. The magic happens in post-production, where she meticulously edits her raw images, taking her time to ensure each photograph captures not only the visual aspect but also the emotional resonance of the scene.

A significant aspect of Kristen's artistry is her inspiration drawn from the natural world. For her, photography is a means to share the splendors of nature in hopes of fostering a desire to preserve it for future generations. Her unique artistic sensibility is evident in two standout projects: her captivating series on old doorways, particularly in Taos and the Barrio Viejo in Tucson, which invoke the stories and personalities behind them, and her evocative photographs of the wild horses of the West, symbols of freedom and resilience.

Influences like Jim Henson, Jim Brandenburg, Charlie Waite, and Ansel Adams, each contribute to her distinct style and ethos. From Henson, she learned creativity and authenticity; from Brandenburg, the ability to capture an animal’s soul; from Waite, the serene and peaceful essence of landscapes; and from Adams, the reminder that it is the photographer's vision, not just the camera, that creates remarkable images.

Kristen's dedication has led her to exhibit her work at the esteemed Anticus Fine Art Gallery in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona. Her photography has been recognized with prestigious awards, such as the American Art Awards in 2015 for non-manipulated landscape and still life photography, and the Nevada Magazine's Great Nevada Picture Hunt in 2016. Viewers often comment that her photographs resemble paintings—a testament to her ability to transcend mere imagery and create true art.

Outside of her artistic pursuits, Kristen's love for animals remains a significant part of her life, inspired by her late dogs, Tana and Toby, who reignited her appreciation for the outdoors. Music is a constant companion as she works, providing a backdrop to her creative processes.

Kristen's work reflects her deep-seated values of preserving nature and finding beauty in the often-overlooked details of life. As she continues to grow as an artist, she aspires to engage in more art shows and gallery exhibits, believing in the transformative power of art to provoke thought, conversation, and experience in society. Kristen's journey is far from over, with each photograph she takes adding a new chapter to her compelling and ever-evolving artistic narrative.


Ongoing Exhibit                     
Churchill Administrative Building, Fallon, NV


Ongoing Exhibit
Anticus, Scottsdale, AZ  

January 2017 - Present

Entre Aqui

Arizona Fine Art Expo, Scottsdale, AZ


January 10-March 22, 2020

Journeys and Don't Fence Me In
Arizona Fine Art Expo, Scottsdale, AZ  

January 11-March 24, 2019

Just Bloom! and Nature's Soul
Arizona Fine Art Expo, Scottsdale, AZ  

January 8-March 25, 2018

Beautiful Churchill County and Beyond
Churchill County Museum, Fallon, NV

May 1 - June 30 - 2017

Discoveries Captured Down the Road Less Traveled
Swill Coffee and Wine, Reno, NV  

September 1-30 - 2016


Nevada Magazine 2016 Great Nevada Picture Hunt, 1st Place, Black and White

Carson City, NV - 2016

American Art Awards 2015
1st Place 

ONLINE - 2015

American Art Awards 2015

1st Place

ONLINE - 2015

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