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The Photography Journey of

Kristen Kabrin

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Capturing the beauty of nature, one frame at a time.

Welcome to my world, where the art of photography meets the pursuit of simplicity. I'm Kristen Kabrin, a nature enthusiast and a devoted photographer who finds solace and joy in capturing the beauty of the world around me. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Northern Nevada, I embarked on a journey through life's lens that has led me to moments of pure connection with nature and the serene simplicity it offers.

About Me

Born somewhere North of my current home, my academic journey may have taken me down a different path, but my heart found its true calling in photography. The great outdoors beckons to me, inviting me to frame the scenes that resonate with my soul. Black and white imagery, in particular, holds a special place in my heart, as it allows me to express the world's essence in its most elemental form.

Honoring the Craft

My photographic journey has been enriched by the guidance and camaraderie of local photographers who generously shared their wisdom, time, and friendship. My commitment to the art was further recognized when I became a presenter at the Shooting the West Photography Symposium in 2017. My work has graced the pages of Nevada Magazine, Short Branch Mercantile Magazine, and Cowgirls in Style. Notably, I achieved first place in the Black and White category of the Great Nevada Picture Hunt, sponsored by Nevada Magazine in 2016.

In 2015, I secured top honors in the American Art Awards for both Landscapes and Still Life photography categories. My work was showcased at the prestigious Exhibition of Photography at the San Diego County Fair, the largest juried international show in the United States. The year 2019 marked a milestone when one of my images was chosen as National Geographic's "photo of the week." Additionally, my photographs have received the esteemed "photo of the day" recognition from Arizona Highways Magazine.

Art on Display

My artistic journey has found a home at Anticus in Scottsdale, Arizona, where an ongoing collection of my work is displayed. In 2018, I was honored to be juried into the Arizona Fine Art Expo, a privilege that continues through 2023, with exciting new prospects for 2024.

Beyond the Lens

For me, photography is more than a craft; it's a means of expression. It allows me to convey my thoughts and emotions, providing me with the opportunity to pause, breathe, and connect with the world. Through my lens, I open a door to greet the world, sharing my unique perspective, one frame at a time.

Thank you for joining me on this photographic journey. Feel free to reach out through the contact form, and let's continue exploring the world's beauty together.


Ongoing Exhibit                     
Churchill Administrative Building, Fallon, NV


Ongoing Exhibit
Anticus, Scottsdale, AZ  

January 2017 - Present

Entre Aqui

Arizona Fine Art Expo, Scottsdale, AZ


January 10-March 22, 2020

Journeys and Don't Fence Me In
Arizona Fine Art Expo, Scottsdale, AZ  

January 11-March 24, 2019

Just Bloom! and Nature's Soul
Arizona Fine Art Expo, Scottsdale, AZ  

January 8-March 25, 2018

Beautiful Churchill County and Beyond
Churchill County Museum, Fallon, NV

May 1 - June 30 - 2017

Discoveries Captured Down the Road Less Traveled
Swill Coffee and Wine, Reno, NV  

September 1-30 - 2016


Nevada Magazine 2016 Great Nevada Picture Hunt, 1st Place, Black and White

Carson City, NV - 2016

American Art Awards 2015
1st Place 

ONLINE - 2015

American Art Awards 2015

1st Place

ONLINE - 2015

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